Clay Township Impact Program

Making an impact on our community

Making an Impact on our Community

Clay Township is embarking upon another community impact program that will greatly improve our parks and our public safety across the entire township. This program will provide benefits for all township residents, schools and businesses and will make our community a better place to live, work and play.

One of the primary initiatives of this program is to update and enhance the existing parks by making them more accessible, safer and available year-round. The building of an indoor sports facility and the construction of a children’s pavilion will be exciting new additions included in this program.

Improving our public safety is another major initiative of this program. Updating of fire stations, fire equipment and the expansion of the existing fiber optic ring that connects schools, township facilities and the Carmel Clay Fire Department will be a much needed improvement to the overall safety of the township. The construction of a Carmel Clay Fire Department administration building and fire safety museum are also part of the overall public safety improvements to be included in this program.

The Clay Township Trustee and Board Members have been entrusted with making our township a safer and more enjoyable place to live. They have been tasked with providing vital services to our community and this program is an important part of how they serve the residents of our township.

Making an impact on our Parks

Park Improvements

Improvements to the following parks include updating the walking trails, lighting, aquatic features, WiFi/security, playgrounds, dog park, restrooms, parking lots and park entrances.

  • Carey Grove Park
  • Flowing Well Park
  • Meadowlark Park
  • West Park
  • Central Park
  • Inlow Park
  • River Heritage Park

Clay Township Children's Pavilion at Coxhall Gardens

The addition of a large pavilion to this existing park will allow for child-friendly activities and support various children’s programs.

Mark Badger Memorial Park Fieldhouse

The construction of a new multi-use, indoor fieldhouse at the Mark Badger Memorial Park will allow for year-round sports activities for Carmel Dad’s Club participants as well as the overall community.

  • Indoor synthetic field
  • Locker rooms
  • Basketball / sports courts

Japanese / Chinese Gardens and Monon Greenway

The existing Japanese/Chinese Garden will be expanded and made more accessible by the connection to the Monon Trail, City Hall and Carmel Drive. The Monon Greenway, started in Midtown Carmel, will continue between City Center Drive and Carmel Drive.

Making an impact on our Public Safety

Carmel Clay Fire Department Administration Building, Museum and Community Space

A new 5-story building will be constructed to house fire department administrative offices and a fire department museum that will contain the “Survive Alive” educational exhibit teaching young visitors about the dangers of fire and how to react in a fire emergency. There will also be space made available for community gatherings and events.

Fire Station Improvements

Safety improvements to fire stations across the township include various interior and exterior facility renovations and equipment upgrades, including a new ladder truck and fire suppression system.

  • Fire Stations 41, 42, 43, 44, 46

Fiber Optic Ring

The expansion of the existing fiber optics ring within the township will improve safety by allowing for faster, more reliable communications between our schools, township facilities and the Carmel Clay Fire Department.

111th Street Corridor Improvements

Roundabouts on 111th Street at Westfield Boulevard and College Avenue will allow for safer access to Central Park and will the improve traffic flow in and around the Homeplace area.

Impact Projects

  1. Carmel Clay Fire Department Admin. Building, Museum and Community Space
  2. Meadowlark Park
  3. Fire Station 41
  4. Carey Grove Park
  5. Fire Station 44
  6. Lawrence W. Inlow Park
  7. River Heritage Park
  8. Mark Badger Memorial Park Fieldhouse
  9. Flowing Well Park
  10. Fire Station 43
  11. Japanese / Chinese Gardens Expansion
  12. 111th Street Corridor Improvements
  13. Central Park Entrance Improvements
  14. Monon Greenway
  15. Clay Township Children’s Pavilion at Coxhall Gardens
  16. Fire Station 42
  17. West Park
  18. Fire Station 46
  19. Fiber Optic Ring

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